.what never was. shall never be.

what never was. shall never be

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What if I told you:

Utah will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

"Well, marriage equality makes sense. It’s only a matter of time."

Pope Benedict will resign.

"He is a pretty old dude."

Bitcoin will be worth $1000.

"They’ve been going up in value steadily for a while now."

A man high on meth will fight off 15 cops while masturbating.

"Well, you know the saying: Once you pop you can’t stop."

Dennis Rodman will visit Kim Jong-un.

"Dennis Rodman is a crazy person. Crazy people are unpredictable."

A person will stand 3 feet away from President Obama at Nelson Mandela’s funeral doing fake sign language.

"No fucking way."

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Chris Larson - Deep North (2008)

Set into the snow, this abandoned house had the artist working in below zero temperatures to get the interior and exterior carved out just right. During the coldest months the dilapidated house was sprayed with thousands of gallons of water and left to freeze. The result was chilling, and at some points looks more like a thick coat of white acrylic.”

(Source: likeafieldmouse, via freedomkissing)